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  Welcome to the Regional Planning Department  
  The Williams County Regional Planning Commission is responsible to review subdivisions of land in the unincorporated areas of Williams County.

This includes minor subdivisions, which is the proposed subdivision of land in an unincorporated area of Williams County, where such subdivision creates parcels of 20.0 acres or less. See Article IV of the Subdivision Regulations of Williams County for a more detailed explanation. The application form for a minor subdivision is available on this page. This form is an Adobe Acrobat format that is downloadable and can be filled in with Version 6.0 or higher.

  Regional Planning Forms  

Plat Consideration App.
Minor Subdivision Approval App.
Variance App.
County Subdivision Regs

Large Lot Subdivision Application

Large Lot Personal Recreation or  Agriculture Exemption

Flood Damage Prevention Regs

May 2009 Enforcement Update Williams County Flood Plains


Subdivisions that propose to create new streets along with the related infrastructure and would be subject to the main body of the Subdivision Regulations of Williams County.

The Williams County Regional Planning Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month on an as needed basis. The meetings are held at the Office of the Williams County Engineer at 12953 County Road G, Bryan, Ohio, at 5:00 p.m.  The Regional Planning Commission Office is at this same address.

The Director of the Williams County Regional Planning Commission is Dennis Miller of the Maumee Valley Planning Organization, (419)-784-3882.

The “Application For Variance” and “Application For Consideration of Plat” forms are also available on this page in Adobe Acrobat format.

All forms are available in paper format at the Williams County Auditor's Office in the real estate department on the second floor of the courthouse, 419-636-5639. 

Applications for Variances, Minor Subdivisions and Plat Consideration Applications should be submitted to the Williams County Auditor's Office, along with the associated fee.  Re-submittals must be reprocessed through the Williams County Auditor's Office.

Prior to submission of a Plat Consideration Application, the submitter should schedule a pre-submission meeting with the Williams County Engineer, 419-636-2454, or Dennis Miller listed above.